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Welcome to "The DTCB Band" page

      In case you're wondering "DTCB" is an abbreviation for "Dunham Taking Care of Business. The name was derived from obvious sources. Originally the group was called the "Elvis Himselvis Orchestra" but at some point the band was billed by the print media as "The DTCB Band" and the name stuck.
      The "DTCB Band" has toured across the U.S.A. not only as Elvis' back-up band, but as his entourage! ("Dooley" refers to this as "Walking with the King"). We all look forward to the adventures, and hope you'll consider the small investment it takes to get more than your $'s worth from Rick and his hard working...............

"DTCB Band"!!!!

The group has had several members over the years but recent stalwarts include:

Tom Irwin-bass

Gene Acree-drums

Rick Gasparin-guitar

Tom "Dooley" Woolsey-guitar

Roger Wainright-keyboards

Ed Clark-keyboards

Other notable performers who have served tours of duty in the DTCB band

Bassists Drummers Guitarists


Instrumentalists (player-instrument)

Keith "Love Hog" Vogley

Bruce Williams

Mike "Mighty" Sampson

Willie Christman


Tony "The Cute One" Berkman

Tim "Grumpy" Harte

Pete Romano

Mark Sanders

Reggie Britton



Larry Stevens

Alan Harris

Thomas Gross

Hank "Hired Hand" Helton

John Hoeckstra

Dave "Smokey" Billman

Frank Trumpeter (saxophone)